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Triple AAA Communications for Independent Developers
Getting your project the attention it deserves isn’t easy.  A vast majority of triple AAAs and published indies (aka your competitors) all invest thousands in marketing, advertising and PR/Communications campaigns from pre to post development to make sure they maximise their chances of success, so how can you compete? 
Noovola is OP - we are a hub of talented, experienced, creative communication experts and video game fanatics, brought together to support developers throughout all their communication and promotional efforts, allowing you to focus on the game whilst we do the talking. 
Our fluid dynamic means we can support you on a specific one-time project or with a full PR and Communications campaign.
You can pick the right team and do battle amongst the titans.
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Increase Exposure, Legitimise your Project,
Boost Wishlists and Purchases.
Before we talk, we listen. We love to hear your story from concept to execution, and to immerse ourselves in your project with you, so our communications feel natural and do the project justice. 
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With great journalist relations across the globe and our commitment to bespoke research based work, we build powerful, tailored media and influencer lists that suit your voice and game, maximising your chance for success. 
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Need an outside perspective? Want to get a feel of how your game will be received by the world? We offer playtest sessions, feedback, mock reviews and tips on how to maximise your game’s strengths so that more people talk about (and buy!) your game. 
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We love a social brainstorm and are experienced in consulting on the social channels of some of the biggest indies and AAAs in the world. It’s time to step up and own your image with stronger, more engaging and rewarding social activity. 
We want to see you cross that finish line with confidence. As experts in the communications industry, we’ll work with you to earn media and influencer hits that show the world what you're about, letting you focus on what truly matters, maximising the quality of your project.
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It’s easier for a player to trust a developer when they’re open, transparent and legit. By introducing your project to the biggest and loudest voices in the industry, we'll aim to increase public knowledge and anticipation, plus provide interested consumers with searchable articles that prove you're the real deal.
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let's do it!

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