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mortis chronicles

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Mortis Chronicles: Tale of Cowardice is a 2D JRPG proposed project by Mark Lecarde.

We worked closely with Mark in outlining the most optimal route in running a successful crowdfunding campaign. It was a quick turnaround, from picking up Mortis to launching the page, so we had to make sure everything was in prime condition to properly kickstart Mark’s vision. Some of the best Kickstarter campaigns have months (if not years) of preparation before launching, so with less time at our disposal, we knew this would be a mighty challenge.

To maximise our chances of success, we play-tested the game to ensure the demo was ready for We researched past and upcoming campaigns, highlighting their pros and cons, to learn from competitors and produce a high quality page with simple assets, that fans would be proud to back. Finally, we created a social media campaign and drafted content for Mark’s already established Twitter circle to get new eyes on Mortis, keep fan engagement high, and stay on top of our social media presence. 

With the main goal being £3,000, our ambitions were high. It was a nail-biting month but, in the end, our first Kickstarter was a resounding success! In the first 24 hours, we raised 28% of our initial goal. Due to this, we were able to create and fund a Steam page for Mortis Chronicles. With a steady stream of donations across four weeks, it came down to the final 48 hours where we raised over £800 to get this project over the finish line. It was a crazy end to a crazy adventure!

We want to thank Mark for granting this fantastic opportunity in showing Mortis off to the masses, and to the group of 61 backers who have now made this game possible! The past few months have been a thrilling journey, pushing the Kickstarter campaign as hard as we possibly could, it's great to see it succeed.

There’s still a long road ahead, but now we can put our heads down and prepare to release the best possible version of Mortis in Q4 2022!

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