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Bad Vices Games Announce ‘While We Wait Here’, a Psychological-Horror, Restaurant Management Game

You run a diner on a desolate highway when an unexpected TV interruption reveals the world as we know it is in imminent danger.

When surrounded by fear and panic, will you encourage your clients to run or stay? What choices will you make, and how will you behave on your last day on Earth?

After the global success that was Ravenous Devils which saw 200,000+ sales in year one, the two-strong indie studio are about to make things a whole lot creepier.

Check out the Announcement Trailer HERE!

Marche, Italy, 7th February 2023: Bad Vices Games, Italian indies behind the hit title Ravenous Devils, are proud to officially reveal their fourth major release, While We Wait Here, a gripping Psychological Horror, Restaurant Management Game with multiple endings, available for wishlisting on Steam for PC, and slated for a 2024 release!

Tackling themes of time, the armageddon and the intricacies of human psychology, While We Wait Here promises to be as deep as it does captivating, as players must juggle between the mundanity of flipping burger patties and pouring soda to the frighteningly serious threat that lies outside the diner’s doors.

Watch the reveal trailer on YouTube, here!

Combining restaurant management mechanics with the creeping fear of the unknown and the impending end of the world as we know it, you’ll meet characters from all over the country, discover their psyche, feel their fears and regrets, playing a decisive role in their, and your, eventual redemption or demise.

With a strong narrative, multiple choices and endings, and a fresh gameplay perspective, While We Wait Here will have you questioning every choice you’re about to make. Will you head for shelter at Mount K, encouraging your guests to do the same, or will your instincts keep you from making the trip, opting to ride out your fate while you wait here, where you’ve always waited?

Key Features:

  • A psychological horror with multiple endings in which you try and solve your troubled customers’ varying dilemmas.

  • Welcome customers in your diner and discuss the impending end of the world, help them make the right choice as you grill burgers, cook fries, flip pancakes and wash the dishes.

  • A meditative experience with no game over, where there is no right or wrong, and where each choice is yours alone.

  • Dozens of unique first-person interactions.

  • Faced with death, observe the range of human dynamics from behind a counter.

  • Fully voiced-over characters.

“When we launched Ravenous Devils last April, we knew we had something strong, but we couldn’t have imagined the impact it would have on us as a small indie studio” Said Eleonora Vecchi at Bad Vices Games. “Enter While We Wait Here! Making games is our passion, and with this announcement we want to go from strength to strength, aiming to release another that’ll make players squirm, shout and jump out of their seats!”

Check out the While We Wait Here Press Kit here and wishlist the game on Steam right now.

To check out the studio's other games, including the currently discounted Ravenous Devils and the now free-forever Hippocampus, visit the Bad Vices Games Steam page here!


About Bad Vices Games

Bad Vices Games, a small indie development team founded by duo Cristian Gambadori & Eleonora Vecchi and based in Marche, Italy, came together in 2020 with one goal: to develop increasingly ambitious games, combining their tastes with that of their growing community of gamers. Best known for their global hit title, Ravenous Devils, the team have now shifted their attention on their fourth project, While We Wait Here, coming 2024.

Check out Bad Vices Games Linktree:, which houses all their socials, including their official Discord server, Twitter, and YouTube accounts.

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