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Extinction Eclipse: New Demo Debuts During Steam Next Fest and Official Release Date Announced

Explore space, gather resources, build up your fleet and save planet Earth!

Try the game at NextFest and get ready for the full launch this November 17th

Extinction Eclipse, the space based RTS developed by Costa Rica based powerhouse TuanisApps, launches players out of the atmosphere with a brand-new exclusive demo debuting during Steam Next Fest, from Monday, October 3rd through Monday, October 10!

Developer TuanisApps will commence their operation to save humanity on November 17th, with the full release of the game dropping on Steam and Nintendo Switch EU and US.

The Earth is getting colder, the climate is changing, we may be doomed for extinction. Scientists have discovered a point between the Earth and the sun, known as Lagrange L1, which may be the origin of our world’s cooling. This area is gravitationally stable, and inside it lays the answer to our planet’s problem. A Hexagonal grid of alien technology is blocking the sun’s rays from reaching us. Humanity has one choice, build a fleet of combat spaceships, destroy the technology and teach those aliens a lesson.

Gather resources like metal and water from asteroids to build and upgrade your fleet. Expand your territory using space stations, communication satellites, research centers and resource deposits. Defend your base from alien attacks, using automated defense systems or enter into action-packed skirmishes using a variety of battleships, manage your resources during these engagements, or strap in and explore asteroid fields mid combat to resupply your fleet.

Buckle up Commander, it's time to save humanity.

  • GATHER- Use miner ships to gather metal and water from asteroids. Once delivered to your deposits, use these resources to build up your ships, bases and upgrades.

  • RESUPPLY- Running low on ships and resources? Enter a procedurally generated mission to gather emergency supplies

  • BUILD - Expand your territory through the building of space stations, communication satellites, resource deposits and research centers.

  • DEFEND- Invest in strategically placed automated defense towers to protect your base and hard earnt resources.

  • UPGRADE - Trade your metal and water for upgrades to your fleet. Make your ships faster, stronger and sturdier! .

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