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Noovola 1 Year Anniversary Celebration | Top 10 Social Media Coverage List

We take a peek at our Sought-After Coverage Produced by Content Creators & Across Social Media

It’s been a terrific year for Noovola, from envisioning our principles way back when to the building blocks we have put in place in steadily increasing our clientele and team. As part of our one year anniversary celebration, we wanted to go through our favourite and most impressive clippings from this year-long period. From influencers playing our games to podcasts and live reactions, the hype we’ve been able to generate has brought a lot of good-will and praise to all parties. We would love to share that with you in today’s post.

#10 - Stack Up! (or Dive Trying) | November 2021 - Smashing

Starting our countdown is Stack Up, a stack-your-way-up party platformer. PixelConflict, the small Italian indie development team behind this stacking sensation, came to us for their first content update after the game’s release earlier that year, which included a haunting Halloween makeover and a new private lobby feature. We approached Smashing, an Australian YouTuber who has a combined YouTube subscriber base of over 925,000 across all his channels. He agreed to post not one but two hilarious videos on his second channel. It was great to not only secure someone of his size but to delve into an audience from the other side of the planet!

#9 - SeaRing | January 2022 - FKGamefer

The SeaRing Team, developing a 2D indie action-puzzle game titled SeaRing, tasked us with getting as many eyes as possible on the game’s demo launch, in preparation for the full launch later this year. FKGamefer, a Peruvian influencer with a combined following of 258,000 across YouTube and Twitch, became highly interested in this nautical adventure so it was up to us to send our best fishes! We came to an agreement for him to stream the game once embargo broke which went quite swimmingly, peaking at over 1,000 concurrent viewers throughout the duration of his Twitch stream. The stream's no longer available now, but damn it was awesome!

#8 - Stack Up! (or Dive Trying) | November 2021 - Stumpt

These mentions are starting to Stack Up, as the party-platformer makes its penultimate appearance on our list. From the same campaign spoken about previously, Smashing wasn’t the only influencer who had a jolly time playing the latest spooky update. Stumpt, a four-player co-op YouTube channel based in the US with a following of 515,000 subscribers, dedicated a video to this party atmosphere and showed off the new features and theme. Stumpt were a perfect fit for the game and we were thrilled to see everyone having a superb time!

#7 - The Darkest Tales | October 2021 - Only Indies

The Darkest Tales, an action-adventure 2D indie platformer developed by Italian-based Trinity Team, had its main audience fixated in Europe. We used this to our advantage by exploring other influencers situated across this continent. That’s when we stumbled upon Only Indies, a Spanish influencer with 49,000 YouTube subscribers, passionate about the indie gaming scene. We knew it was a must for him to play The Darkest Tales and to invite a Spanish following into the mix. It was a well received video from his fanbase, crossing off another successful influencer cooperation.

#6 - SeaRing | December 2021 - Best Indie Games

Whilst we were generating hype for the SeaRing demo launch, our research showed us that by tapping into the indie-gaming community we could better our chances of maximising coverage. When we saw Best Indie Games, an avid indie gamer from Singapore spanning over 100,000 YouTube subscribers and his expansive indie games lists, it was a no brainer to get in touch to see if he would be interested. It’s safe to say he loved it and covered SeaRing near the start of his latest video. SeaRing gained an additional 100 wishlists on Steam because of this, keeping the fan-interaction train going!

#5 - The Darkest Tales | October 2021 - Salvo Pimpo’s

Breaking into our Top 5 is a feature from The Darkest Tales’ campaign, gunning for a successful demo launch and building an audience for the game’s full launch coming later this year. As mentioned previously, with Trinity Team being based in Italy, we wanted everyone in the developer’s country to know about this haunting fairy-tale platformer. Enter Salvo Pimpo’s, an influencer with over 160,000 YouTube subscribers. Salvo did a full demo playthrough, being well received by both him and his fans alike, sharing pleasantries all across social media!

#4 - Lost Away | October 2021 - Dan Field

When we were presented with Lost Away, a survival-action first-person exploration game, by Game.Partners, an indie-game communications team based in Poland, we were tasked with broadcasting the trailer for their latest title to the masses, so it was a must to contact trailer-hosts YouTube channels. Dan Field, a French influencer with over 375,000 YouTube subscribers, was a fantastic fit for this, producing a plethora of gaming content covering AAA and indie titles. This showed through noting Lost Away on his “Top 10 Upcoming Games” list, which generated 100s of wishlists for Lost Away on Steam. We have some big hitters coming up to take our podium spots, so make sure to keep reading and don’t get lost along the way!

#3 - The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante | February 2022 - ReformistTM

Achieving the bronze medal is Sir Brante, a narrative driven RPG, who entrusted us with sharing the PlayStation and Xbox launch news during our most recent campaign. Our initial influencer research showed a tonne of different markets to explore. One particular market were those who loved narration, so we looked out for narrative-heavy YouTube channels. That’s when ReformistTM, a UK-based gaming influencer with more than 250,000 subscribers, appeared and wanted to do an extensive playthrough. As we showed yet again, both influencer and audience thoroughly enjoyed Sir Brante, another huge hit in the right crowd.

#2 - Lost Away | October 2021 - IGN

Just missing our top spot is the space-exploration game Lost Away with the colossal collaboration with IGN, right up there as one of the biggest gaming news channels in the world with 16.5 million YouTube subscribers. We couldn’t ask for anything more when first being handed this task, and it was incredible not only for us securing the coverage but informing Game.Partners of this amazing achievement. Seeing one of our clients on IGN isn’t something to turn our noses at, but what could possibly be our number one?

#1 - Stack Up! (or Dive Trying) | July 2021 - GameRomancer

All our previous notes have stacked up to this mammoth moment. Upon Stack Up’s launch in July, we organised PixelConflict to appear on the GameRomanacer podcast, a group of gaming misfits challenging themselves and the gaming community with engaging topics of conversation. This was an opportunity for PixelConflict to talk about their journey and to experience the game’s launch live, showcasing an unique viewing.

All parties wouldn’t have believed prior what would happen next: Just as conversations were perking up, upon discovery, well-known representatives of the Twitch community, spanning 14.6 million followers, were streaming Stack Up to hundreds of thousands of people; Forsen, Lirik, and xQc. As you can imagine, an essence of jubilation was felt across the entire group. It was a special moment of wild proportions and we’re elated to have shared and presented this moment with and to them.

This year in a review has been incredible, looking back at all the amazing influencer and social media coverage achieved this year. It’s always fantastic getting to collaborate with influencers from all sorts of backgrounds, and it strengthens the positive impact we constantly set to accomplish. We want to thank all our clients for allowing us to help them with their unique journeys, and to the social-media stars who covered all our news. We look forward to another year of hard work and triumph, and we hope you can be with us on this special story.

Thank you for reading,


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