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Troglobytes Games & Age of Games Reveal Psycho-Horror Management Game, The Kindeman Remedy!

Get ready for squirming and teeth clenching as the indie development & publishing studios behind hits Ravenous Devils, HyperParasite and Fantasy Kommander: Eukarion Wars combine forces to release their gruesomest project yet!

⚠️Watch the trailer here⚠️

Veteran European independent development studios Troglobytes Games (developers: HyperParasite, Blind Fate: Edo no Yami, publishers: Ravenous Devils) and Age of Games are excited to officially reveal The Kindeman Remedy, a gruesome psycho-horror management game taking players on a mission to discover the “perfect anaesthesia”.

Wishlist the game on Steam today, and prepare for Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC releases this Fall, 2023!

The Kindeman Remedy is a dark and twisted story-driven psycho-horror management game that puts players in the shoes of Doctor Carl Kindeman, a disgraced physician whose unethical practices banished him from his medical society, and Sister Anna, a promiscuous nun with a special taste for fresh blood and a knack for secretly administering poison.

With the aim of restoring his lost reputation by creating the perfect anesthesia, Kindeman accepts a job in a rough and stranded prison, where he may conduct his questionable experiments away from the spotlight. Get ready to take on the role of Kindeman and Sister Anna, manage the doctor’s everly frantic lab, experiment with different substances and poisons, sharpen your saws and knives and ultimately determine who lives and who dies.

"The Kindeman Remedy is a game that explores the furthest reaches of both human body and mind, in an eerie jail setting based in the 1950s US,'' said Saverio Caporusso, CEO of Troglobytes Games. “We wanted to introduce players to credible characters who could do without their morality and behave in atrocious ways for their own ‘greater good’, all the whilst letting players enjoy a fun gaming experience and maybe let out a squirm from time to time."

Fabio Belsanti, Founder of Age of Games, added, "We are thrilled to be partnering with Troglobytes Games on this project. With their experience and our know-how, we knew they would be the perfect partner to bring our vision for The Kindeman Remedy to life. One thing’s for sure, The Kindeman Remedy will not be for the faint of heart!"

View the Screenshots, GIFs and other bits here!

Wishlist the The Kindeman Remedy now and be among the first to know when the game is released.

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