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Welcome to our deep dive into the SeaRing Team and the demo release of their 2D indie action-puzzle game, SeaRing! 

The team is composed of six Italian artists, who started working on their debut gaming title in late 2018. They were brought together by their shared passion of game development, their mighty aspirations for the gaming industry, and the desire to combine their skills in the creative arts to develop a piece of pixel-art. We loved this team's attitude, so it only made sense to help start to steer their indie-gaming gold into fortune.

To do this, we split our small team into three categories: PR Outreach, Social Media, and QA testing. 


  • PR  includes tailoring influencer and media lists for our target audience, splitting coverage to gain attention amongst indie lovers globally, and publishing press releases introducing the SeaRing Team and the demo’s launch. 

  • A Social media campaign to boost the game’s social media presence and Steam wishlists was also activated: we helped rework the Steam page and website text, created and launched the official SeaRing Discord, and collaborated on drafting a social media strategy. 

  • Our last category includes thorough playtesting to eliminate bugs, and reworking the game’s core text. Yes, we went through NPC dialogue one by one, and there was A LOT! 

With the culmination of efforts behind the scenes, we were all ecstatic to see SeaRing ride some big waves! SeaRing gained a total of 900 wishlists, 3200 activations and 213 unique players on post-launch week, with 500+ wishlists pre-demo.

A quote from GamesVillage “A title that completes its love letter with refined and gorgeous pixel art and an immersive soundtrack” completely embraces what the SeaRing team set out to do.

We want to thank the Sea-sational SeaRing Team for this incredible collaboration. Working together was both fun and enjoyable: from thorough game testing, introducing the devs to the world, and seeing everyone’s hard work pay off come the demo’s launch.

We hope for nothing but the best for SeaRing, and we shall sea how this nautical tale continues!

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