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Sir Brante, the award winning Narrative-Based Dark Fantasy RPG, made its claim to fame on Steam last March, with 3,000+ positive reviews reigning in a score of 92% on Steam. With both teams setting their sights on the console worlds of PlayStation and Xbox, it was up to us to introduce Sir Brante to these new audiences, showing off this already-established virtual novel, and enable journalists, content creators, and other social media personalities to pick it up and do what they do best. 

Our focus was on US and European markets, with a detailed collation of media and influencer lists to find the best opportunities out there for coverage.

We also: 


  • Drafted press releases in multiple languages, with both embargo and day-of-release pitching processes put in place.

  • Made sure to cover Sir Brante’s social media presence, curating posts for both their Steam page and Twitter account

  • And valiantly researched both general and niche markets for Sir Brante, developing a competitor analysis to get a closer look at how those who came before us dealt with promoting their own titles.

The culmination of hard work from all parties put us in a great position, and we’re proud to say that the Sir Brante console launch went really well! Across a two week period, Sir Brante managed to generate: 

  • Over 203m UMVs via the press in the US, LATAM, and Europe, with a printed published by German-based magazine Maniac.

  • Exposure to more than 900k followers of content creators on YouTube and Twitch, across various platforms and continents, as they showcased Sir Brante on their channels. Game key distributions were vital to this, with an average coverage conversion rate of 32.35% (keys shared to keys used)

  • And an abundance of positive reviews were shown by numerous news outlets, with Germans GamesWelt calling Sir Brante "The best video game story in years", handing it the "Narrative Award" and "GamesWelt Recommends" accolades in the process. UK-based mag Thumb Culture gave the title a Platinum award, and various other magazines left 8/10 , 9/10 and 10/10 reviews.

We want to show a huge token of appreciation to 101XP for allowing us to support another successful collaboration - it’s always great fun working together! We can’t leave out Sever also for developing such an incredible game, and letting us help push their indie title out. We hope to see more chapters arrive in this never-ending story, and we wish both teams all the best.

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