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the darkest tales

Read all the details about our partnership:

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The Darkest Tales is an action-adventure 2D platformer developed by Trinity Team and published by 101XP. Trinity Team is an independent game development studio based in Italy, established in October 2015, and already well known for their success with ‘Slaps and Beans’. 101XP is an international online game publisher and the developer behind a plethora of top-tier titles available on Facebook, Steam, Google Play, Apple iOS, and other major platforms.

We worked with 101XP to get as many eyes on The Darkest Tales’ prologue, and help reaffirm Trinity Team’s name both nationally and abroad. Our goals were to promote the game as Trinity Team’s next big step in game development, spice up Trinity Team’s discord and website, and showcase the demo to new communities across multiple continents. Our plan focused on increasing conversation about the game throughout social media and the press, aiming to boost demo downloads and ultimately increase wishlists of the full game. 

Our main KPIs for the project were securing 1-2 top tier articles within the mainstream gaming media, and given the nature of the project, we also aimed for 2-4 influencers over 50,000 followers to make dedicated content for The Darkest Tales. To reach new audiences, we also looked to diversify our coverage by targeting specific forums, magazines, and podcasts in the fantasy and fairy-tale genres.

This could very well become a weekly ritual as we have done it again; securing some awesome coverage! We saw great articles on the likes of IGN, Multiplayer, and Everyeye among others, bringing the combined total to 53 articles, blogs, and forum posts within a two week period. This also includes two Q&As published on Reddit and Uagna, and a third secured for the title’s full launch.

The Darkest Tales’ prologue announcement was covered by 12 countries across the globe, including major gaming markets in the US and UK, Germany, Italy, and Brazil. The announcement also made the rounds on social media, from detailed let’s plays to ‘top 10s’, with content published by ten influencers totalling just shy of 3.7 million followers.

We enjoyed every single step of this project! Thank you 101XP and Trinity Team for granting us this fabulous opportunity, and congratulations for getting the demo to reach the top five of Steam’s ‘New and Trending’ list! 

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