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ravenous devils

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Last month we partnered with Bad Vices Games, an Italian indie game development team, and our friends over at Trogolobytes Games, taking on a publisher role for the project, to support the launch of their new game Ravenous Devils, a Penny Dreadful inspired horror cooking simulator.


Utilizing the right blend of social media, content creator outreach and press, our goal was to give the catchy game as much reach as possible, from the release date trailer, to the game’s launch two weeks later, we made anyone who we thought would love the game, would have it in their library. 


With articles on the likes on PC Gamer, Gamesradar and Bloody Disgusting, a couple of syndications on  Yahoo Entertainment and MSN, and a avalanche of content on YouTube, Twitch, Twitter and TikTok, we saw hundreds of thousands of views on the likes of Lirik, Sodapoppin, 39Daph, Call Me Kevin, CaRtOoNz and Yippee Ki Yay Mr Falcon to name a just a few.


International pick up was just as fantastic, with Japan going crazy for the game on Twitter, and national stars such as FalcoNero, QuelTaleAle, Dan Field and Dr Horse also streaming the game to their communities. 


In two weeks, the team was able to announce they hit 100,000 sales and 3,404 steam reviews totalling 92% positive, we’ve got to admit it, this was a well planned and fun collaboration, deserving of these numbers! 


We had a great time working with Bad Vices Games and Trogolobytes Games and would like to thank them for allowing us to support them on this journey.

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