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stack up!

Read all the details about our partnership:

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Stack Up is an hilarious party-platformer and hyper-indie project developed and published by PixelConflict, a young Italian game development studio founded at the start of 2021, by 3 friends from Udine. 

With a very-indie budget at hand, our shared aims were to aid in PixelConflict’s growth as an indie studio, begin to generate hype through influencers and press, and organise the Steam store page, website, and social media accounts to hit industry standards. We wanted to establish StackUp as PixelConflict’s point of entry into the market, allow the team to showcase their game-development skills, and hopefully facilitate the development of future titles, as well as continuing to build on StackUp past its launch. 

Since launch, Influencer coverage has been exciting to witness, with organic pickup on launch day from Twitch stars like Forsen, Lirik, and XQC, and most recently, successful pitching led to more content from Smashing and Stumpt, bringing the game to millions of subscribers. In the last month alone, conversations and mentions online have gone up 40%, with the game receiving a lot of love from various streamers’ communities.

There is no secret sauce for the development of a successful indie title, however. Only consistency, continued development and steady hustle will lead to more exposure and sales.

With constant work-flow from the developers, the sky’s the limit for this party game, and for the developers' future projects! 

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