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It’s Time to Become Chris, the Last Surviving T-Rex on Earth, in DynoPunk, Live on Steam for PC!

Run a Tech-Repairs Shop, Build a Time Machine, and Travel Back in Time, your Ultimate Goal? Overturn your Kind’s Fate!

Use your Tiny Hands to Fix your Clients’ Old Hardware, Build Relationships, Earn a Living and Save Enough Cash to Build a Time Machine. Will you Manage to Travel Back in Time and Change the Past for Good?

Encounter Award Winning Characters, Dive into an Refreshingly Unique Retro World with Nostalgic Graphics and an 1980s inspired Original Lo-Fi Soundtrack!

Watch the Trailer Here

Award Winning Indie Studio Tomato Fantasy Games and Global Publishers 101XP are proud to finally announce the full release of the highly anticipated DynoPunk, live on Steam right now for $14.99!

🦖 Watch the trailer 🦖

Prepare yourself to embark on an extraordinary adventure in a retro-inspired cyberpunk world, populated by dinosaurs, all with their own hopes, dreams, jobs and hustles. Here, dinosaurs have evolved to become highly intelligent; creating groundbreaking technologies and feeling… heartbreaking feelings. That’s right, you’ll assume the role of Chris, the last surviving T-Rex on the planet, one who will do anything to build a time machine and travel back to a time where he can change the past for good and avoid his species’ extinction.

Chris has only recently moved to Synth City, opening up a tech repair shop. Utilizing his very tiny hands, it's your job to work hard to fix things, keep your customers happy and returning, build friendships and save enough money and spare parts for the construction of the time-machine that will bring happiness back into his life. Will you be able to return to a time when other T-Rexes thrived, and find true love?

DynoPunk presents gorgeous pixelated graphics inspired by classic retro games, and is accompanied by an all-original 1980s-inspired lo-fi soundtrack. Immerse yourself in the nostalgic atmosphere and encounter a diverse array of award-winning characters, each with their own distinctive traits, dreams, and personal stories, in a story that is actively shaped by the choices you make in-game.

The branching storyline of the game is shaped by engaging conversations with customers and the quality of your repairs. Precision and customer satisfaction will be vital as you strive to keep them happy! But your job does not stop once the fixed tech is delivered. Build real relationships with your customers, listen to them and share important advice and thoughts. Remember that, everything you say could have a monumental impact on your customers lives!

Experience the thrill and mundanity of fixing gadgets with super tiny T-rex hands, and extracting valuable information from customers to uncover the root causes of their technical issues. Engage in chit-chat with customers, initiating small talk or heartfelt conversations, offering them their favorite beverages, and ensuring their moods remain positive, all in hopes of receiving generous tips for your services.

"We are delighted to bring DynoPunk to players around the world and introduce them to our cyberpunk dinosaur universe filled with very different award-winning characters with unique personalities, dreams and problems," Shared the team at Tomato Fantasy Games. "With a perfect blend of humor, irony, and adventure, we have poured our hearts into this game, hoping to guarantee an enjoyable and amusing experience!"

Purchase DynoPunk on Steam today, and brace yourself for an enthralling dino-infused journey, as you strive to fulfill your ultimate dream of changing the past and bringing a brighter future, where he can be surrounded by T-Rex family, friends and love.

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